BigBlueButton 2.3-dev (referred hereafter as “BigBlueButton 2.3”) is the next version of BigBlueButton currently under development. This page gives you an overview of what is in the next release, along with steps for administrators to setup a BigBlueButton 2.3 server (for testing) and developers the steps to setup a development environment.

    The core BigBlueButton developers have been working on BigBlueButton 2.3 since since fall of 2019. However, due to Covid-19 and the widespread adoption of 2.2, we refocused our development on making incremental improvements and fixes to 2.2. Since then, we’ve periodically merged the updates to 2.2 into BigBlueButton 2.3.

    BigBlueButton 2.3 includes about 500 commits over 2.2. In this regard, BigBlueButton 2.3 builds upon and further improves the stability and performance of the 2.2. Highlights of BigBlueButton 2.3 include

    • Notifications for raise hand
    • Ability to put camera left/right of presentation
    • Whiteboard performance improvements
    • Participants list and chat performance improvements
    • Non-blocking presentation upload
    • Add notification when mic is muted while speaking
    • Add Layout Context and Layout Manager

    Under the hood, BigBlueButton 2.3 installs on Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit, which allows us to move to using more modern components that include

    • Node 12.x (the LTS release of node),
    • ruby 2.5, and
    • meteor 1.10.2

    Gone are the Flash-related packages for bbb-client and red5 (in this way BigBlueButton 2.3 installs fewer components than 2.2). For full details on what is new in BigBlueButton 2.3, see the release notes for alpha-1 and alpha-2.

    Giving feedback and reporting bugs

    BigBlueButton 2.3 is under active development. While we don’t recommend setting it up in a production environment, but we do encourage administrators to try out the build with others and give us feedback on our bigbluebutton-dev mailing list.

    If you found a reproducible bug, please report it in the GitHub Issues section with steps to reproduce (this will make it easier for the developers to fix the bug). Indicate in the body of the bug report that this applies to BigBlueButton 2.3 and give us the client build number, which you can find either with dpkg -l | grep bbb-html5 or within the client in the Settings -> About menu.


    BigBlueButton 2.3 requires the same minimal requirements as 2.2 with one notable exception: you need to install it on Ubuntu 18.04.

    To setup BigBlueButton 2.3, we recommend using bbb-install tool and passing the version -v bionic-230-dev.

    The following command will get you a snapshot build of BigBlueButton 2.3 with the API examples (-a) and the default firewall (-w). You’ll also need to substitute your domain name for and email address for

    # wget -qO- | bash -s -- -v bionic-230-dev -s -e -a -w

    After installation you should see the following packages (your version numbers may be slightly different).

    # dpkg -l | grep bbb
    ii  bbb-apps-akka               2.3.0-2         all      BigBlueButton Apps (Akka)
    ii  bbb-config                  1:2.3.0-5       amd64    BigBlueButton configuration utilities
    ii  bbb-demo                    1:2.3.0-2       amd64    BigBlueButton API demos
    ii  bbb-etherpad                1:2.3.0-1       amd64    The EtherPad Lite components for BigBlueButton
    ii  bbb-freeswitch-core         2:2.3.0-2       amd64    BigBlueButton build of FreeSWITCH
    ii  bbb-freeswitch-sounds       1:1.6.7-1       amd64    FreeSWITCH Sounds
    ii  bbb-fsesl-akka              2.3.0-1         all      BigBlueButton FS-ESL (Akka)
    ii  bbb-html5                   1:2.3.0-1008    amd64    The HTML5 components for BigBlueButton
    ii  bbb-mkclean                 1:0.8.7-1       amd64    Clean and optimize Matroska and WebM files
    ii  bbb-playback-presentation   1:2.3.0-2       amd64    BigBluebutton playback of presentation
    ii  bbb-record-core             1:2.3.0-3       amd64    BigBlueButton record and playback
    ii  bbb-transcode-akka          2.3.0-1         all      BigBlueButton Transcoder
    ii  bbb-web                     1:2.3.0-1       amd64    BigBlueButton API
    ii  bbb-webrtc-sfu              1:2.3.0-1       amd64    BigBlueButton WebRTC SFU
    ii  bigbluebutton               1:2.3.0-4       amd64    Open source web conferencing platform (bbb)

    If you’ve setup earlier versions of BigBlueButton, you’ll note that there are fewer packages in 2.3. Gone are the bbb-red5 package and its associated bbb-apps-* packages. These were used by the Flash client package bbb-client which is gone as well.


    In order to set up a development environment for 2.3 you can follow the steps from 2.2 However, Ubuntu 18.04 ships with Java 11 set as default option but we need to set Java 8 to be default (subject to change)

    If you see something similar while trying to compile bbb-common-messages or bbb-apps-akka:

    [error] /home/firstuser/dev/bigbluebutton/bbb-common-message/src/main/java/org/bigbluebutton/common2/redis/ package is not visible
    [error]   (package is declared in module java.xml, which does not export it)
    [error] import;

    Most likely you have a different version of Java. Follow the solution described here: Namely update-java-alternatives --list

    Screen shots

    Quickly choose a presentation

    The ‘+’ button now lists the uploaded presentations for quick and easy switching.

    Choose Presentation

    Notifications options in Settings

    You can now get notifications for Raise Hand.

    Notifications options

    Known issues