We want to expand our accessibility support to include closed captioning support. We need to support live and recorded captioning.

    Proposed Features


    • Viewer
      • size, color, font, upper/lower case, locale
      • Do we show when the last message was received?
    • Operator
      • Input
        • Use a TextBox
        • Type the content and press enter to submit
        • Need to be able to revoke the last line
        • Should revoking put the last line into the text box for editing or just delete?
      • Editing
        • Use a TextArea
        • Use the Text_Input method mainly
        • Need to be able to edit any past text
        • Need to be able to add lines in-between published text
        • Has to handle cut, copy, and paste
    • Layout
      • Make sure that closed caption window is excluded from layout sync so as not to hide/move window when presenter/moderator decides to change the layout.


    • Processing
      • Needs to take new messages into consideration somehow if the recording was turned off for that section
      • Needs to take corrections into consideration when building the final file
      • Corrections could be outside of the record start/stop event pairs
      • Corrections will be 0 or more characters and be a substring replace
      • If a new line is added it should push any lines equal or greater down the list
      • A line’s number is not constant through the meeting
    • Post-Processing
      • We need a link to download the transcript
        • SRT is the most popular transcript format
        • We could offer a choice
      • We need a way to edit the transcript after the meeting has finished
        • Possibly download and reupload the correctly chunked version
        • Or upload a new transcription for meeting that had no live transcription


    {"type":"newCaptionLine", "lineNumber":"lineNumber", "locale":"en_US", "startTime":"milliseconds", "text":"string"}
    {"type":"deleteCaptionLine", "lineNumber":"lineNumber", "locale":"en_US"}
    {"type":"correctCaptionLine", "lineNumber":"lineNumber", "locale":"en_US", "startChar":"uint", "endChar":"uint", "replacementText":"string"}
    {"type":"updateTranscriptionList", "userId":"string", "locale":"en_US"}