Installing BigBlueButton 2.0-beta

    These instructions cover the steps to install BigBlueButton 2.0-beta (referred hereafter as BigBlueButton 2.0).

    See What’s new in BigBlueButton 2.0.

    If you encounter any issues during installation/upgrade, please post to our bigbluebutton-setup mailing list with a description of the issue you encountered.

    New install

    The architecture and packages of BigBlueButton 2.0 and 1.1 are identical.

    To install BigBlueButton 2.0, follow the steps in BigBlueButton 1.1 Install Guide with one difference: when you reach Step 2. Install apt-get key for BigBlueButton repositoryAnchor, change the command from

    $ echo "deb bigbluebutton-xenial main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bigbluebutton.list


    $ echo "deb bigbluebutton-xenial main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bigbluebutton.list

    Notice the repository URL has changed from xenial-110 to xenial-200.

    That’s it. Proceed through the rest of the installation steps and you’ll have a BigBlueButton 2.0 running at the end.

    After the install, you can see that most of the packages are now 2.0 by running dpkg -l | grep bbb. Here’s a sample output on one of our test servers (your versions may be slightly ahead).

    # dpkg -l | grep bbb
    ii  bbb-apps                   1:2.0.0-38    amd64  BigBlueButton applications for Red5
    ii  bbb-apps-akka              2.0.0-107     all    BigBlueButton Apps (Akka)
    ii  bbb-apps-screenshare       1:2.0.0-17    amd64  BigBlueButton screenshare module for Red5
    ii  bbb-apps-sip               1:2.0.0-3     amd64  BigBlueButton SIP module for Red5
    ii  bbb-apps-video             1:2.0.0-12    amd64  BigBlueButton video module for Red5
    ii  bbb-client                 1:2.0.0-157   amd64  BigBlueButton Flash client
    ii  bbb-config                 1:2.0.0-20    amd64  Configuration package for BigBlueButton
    ii  bbb-demo                   1:2.0.0-10    amd64  BigBlueButton API demos
    ii  bbb-freeswitch-core        2:1.6-40      amd64  BigBlueButton build of FreeSWITCH
    ii  bbb-freeswitch-sounds      1:1.6.7-9     amd64  FreeSWITCH Sounds
    ii  bbb-fsesl-akka             2.0.0-17      all    BigBlueButton FS-ESL (Akka)
    ii  bbb-libreoffice            1:2.0.0-2     amd64  BigBlueButton wrapper for LibreOffice
    ii  bbb-mkclean                1:0.8.7-3     amd64  Clean and optimize Matroska and WebM files
    ii  bbb-playback-presentation  1:2.0.0-19    amd64  BigBluebutton playback of presentation
    ii  bbb-record-core            1:2.0.0-13    amd64  BigBlueButton record and playback
    ii  bbb-red5                   1:1.0.8-32    amd64  The Red5 server for BigBlueButton
    ii  bbb-swftools               1:0.9.2-2     amd64  The swftools files for BigBlueButton
    ii  bbb-web                    1:2.0.0-37    amd64  BigBlueButton API
    ii  bigbluebutton              1:2.0.0-2     amd64  Open source web conferencing platform (bbb)

    Upgrade to latest build of BigBlueButtton 2.0

    To upgrade from a server running BigBlueButton 1.1 or upgrade to latest build of BigBlueButton 2.0, login to the server via SSH and edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bigbluebutton.list. Change the contents to

    deb bigbluebutton-xenial main

    Notice the repository URL has changed from xenial-110 to xenial-200. You need only do the above step once on a server.

    Next, execute the following commands, changing IP_or_hostname to the IP address or hostname of your BigBlueButton 1.1/2.0 server.

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    sudo apt-get autoremove
    sudo bbb-conf --setip <IP_or_hostname>
    sudo bbb-conf --check

    You need to do the sudo bbb-conf --setip <IP_or_hostname> each time after upgrade to the latests build of BigBlueButton 2.9-beta to ensure that all configuration files have the correct IP/hostname.